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Andrey Bogoush
1962 Minsk, White-Russia
1973-1979 Private art schools
1979-1984 Institute of Architecture, Minsk, White-Russia
Exhibitions 1979-1985 Personal exhibitions in Minsk, White-Russia
1988 Exhibition of unofficial art "Perspective" in Minsk, White-Russia
1989 Exhibition "Panorama" in Minsk, White-Russia
1991 Exhibition in the galley "Mars" in Moscow, Russia
1992 Exhibition in Darmstadt, Germany
1993 Exhibition "Troitskoye Predmestie"', Minsk, White-Russia
1993 Exhibition "Verkhniy gorod", Minsk, White-Russia
1995 CED in Rotterdam
1995 Pervelle in Vlaardingen
1995 Hooga in Rotterdam
1995 De Vlaming in Zoetermeer
1996 Panka in Rotterdam
Concept In his creative work the artist is guided by the traditions of the figurative painting. However, the subject world of a picture is in the state of a dialogue displaying the transcendental. This world reflects the inner subjective state of the artist allowing him to set apart the discrete fixed form from the continuously occurring images. This form is visually definite, however defies the simple logical explanation. Therefore, one can speak about the concept only in the sense of selecting the strategy of expressing a certain philosophical idea.