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Ales Taranovitch
1957 Minsk, Belarus
1979-1984 Academy of Arts, department of Painting and Graphics, Minsk
Exhibitions 1986-1991 Exhibitions In the National Gallery, Minsk
1988 Exhibition in Moscow, Russia
1989 Exhibition in Vilnius, Lithuania
1989 Exhibition "Panorama11 in Minsk, White Russia
1989 Exhibition in Stockholm, Sweden
1990 Exhibition in Minsk, White Russia
1990 Exhibition in Warsaw, Poland
1990 Exhibition in Dillingen, Germany
1991 Exhibition in Warsaw, Poland
1991 Exhibition in Ulm, Germany
1993 Exhibition in Plsen, Czechia
1995 CED in Rotterdam
1995 Pervelle in Vlaardingen
1995 Hooga in Rotterdam
1995 De Vlaming in Zoetermeer
1996 Panka in Rotterdam

The artist works in painting, graphics; he makes installations, performances. In his time when he was engaged in the search of his creative concept, he went through the influence of the surrealism, expressionism. Later, with the beginning of Perestroyka he fell under the influence of Moscow variant of the Soc-art.

Now his art is a process of comprehending the reality with the free creative existence of art forms being the first. The artist willingly includes the phenomena, conclusions and methods from the related fields of human thoughts into his artistic everyday life, brings in the metaphysical philosophy, various arts and sciences, does not neglect such usual objects as history and politics. The tragic model of the universe, which is preferred to the comedy one, will not make it easier to perceive his painting. The imagination, artistism and at the same time the excited and serious attitude to the reality reign here. To the reality where the Image shines, the image behind which there are his personal, cultural and historical experiences. This releases the imagination for new playing constructions.

The artist does not go away from the world, but on the contrary, bursts to a common origin of all the things. So, the access to the world order created by the artist from his images, not identical to our one, at times more real then reality is open to us.